20.3 Litre Pressure Cooker (All American)


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Product Description
Model 921 Pressure Cooker (All American) 20.3 Litre
This is a Large capacity heavy duty pressure cooker.  Manufacture from cast aluminum, with heady duty screws in the lid seal, this pressure cooker uses a metal-to-metal seal so no expensive replacement seal will ever be required. Its 20.3 Litre capacity holds seven quart sized jars or nineteen pint sized jars. Comes with a pressure regulating valve and pressure gauge.


  • 20.3 Litre pressure cooker holds 7 quart jars or 19 pint jars
  • Manufactured from hand-cast durable aluminum – satin finish
  • No expensive gaskets to replace- “metal-to-metal” seal.
  • Steam gauge (Geared), auto pressure release
  • Made in the United States