Golden Oyster Mushroom Grow Kit For Terrariums (by Forest Organics)


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Golden Oyster Mushroom Log Grow Kit. The Golden Oyster mushroom grow kit has many natural functions and can be utilized to play an important role in your terrariums environment by adding humidity as well as purifying the micro-climate. This kit makes it easy for you to grow Golden oyster mushrooms right at home in your very own terrarium, vivarium, or backyard. The kit comes with everything needed to grow Golden Oyster Mushrooms (except for the log!)The Kit Includes Golden Oyster spawn plugs. Easy to use instructions. Wax Note: The kit comes with enough spawn plugs to inoculate a 6-12 inch log 2-4 inches in diameter.


  • Use in your Terrarium or Vivarium
  • Keeps growing for many years!!
  • Makes A interesting add on to your reptile tank