Grow Your Own Organic Mushroom Kit – Shiitake – Indoor Growing Kit by Happy Caps Mushroom Farm Price: $17.99 (as of 02/01/2024 10:00 PST- Details)

EASY TO USE – Open the kit, mist once a day, harvest your mushrooms in around 2 weeks!
QUALITY – Grown on organic bran and clean sawdust. Each kit is inspected to ensure it is viable & healthy.
FUN – Grows quickly. Watch in amazement as your mushrooms grow right in front of your eyes




Grow your own gourmet mushrooms on your shelf or on a kitchen counter in your house! Simply open bag and remove the block, mist once a day and harvest your gourmet fresh mushrooms within 2 weeks! This kit accommodates a block of live shiitake (lentinula edodes) mycelium. The mycelium is living inside a special filter bag that assists in keeping it healthy and dormant. To wake the block up simply put it in the fridge for 24-hours to ‘cold shock’, then open the bag and use. Day-to-day requirements for the kit include misting with water, keeping it out of direct sunlight and keeping it underneath the included humidity tent. The kit can provide you with 2 – 4 harvests of mushrooms. For more flushes simply let the block dry out and soak in water for a couple of hours and repeat.