Maitake Mushroom Mycelium Plug Spawn “Hen of the Woods” – (Grifola frondosa)


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Grow a Maitake patch in your own back yard. (20 Maitake mycelium plugs) This kit contains enough for 2-3 logs / stumps and will grow Maitake mushrooms for several years. Very simple to use. Logs (you will need your own) can be 4ft long with a diameter around 6 inches. Maitake Plug spawn are mycelium inoculated wood plugs that are drilled and inserted into a 5/16 inch diameter drill holes that you create in a stumps / log and then is seal over with wax (wax is available to purchase separately).


  • Grow Maitake Mushroom (Hen of the Woods)  (Grifola frondosa) on Logs / Stumps
  • Kit comes with 20 mushroom plug spawn and easy to use detailed instructions
  • Plug spawn are 1″ long and 5/16 inch diameter
  • Fruiting first takes place in 6 to 12 months – Will continue producing for many years!
  • Maitake (Grifola frondosa)