Nature Lion Black Oyster Mushroom Grow Kit-Indoor Gardening-Food & Vegetable Plant Seeds-Fast Growing Plants-Starter Seed Kit Price: $29.99 (as of 27/09/2023 20:45 PST- Details)

ORGANIC – Growing Medium
MUSHROOMS – In Just A Few Weeks!
BIGGER – Over 3lbs Of Substrate




Grow your own Black Oyster mushrooms with an organic mushroom grow kit that’s easy to use. Harvest edible mushrooms in a few short weeks from your home. Everything is included to start growing mushrooms indoors. Each growing kit contains a grow bag with live mycelium that waits dormant until you cut open the box. After opening your kit you’ll have to mist with water a few times every day. We’ve included a spray bottle to make this an easy task for you. Within a few weeks you’re going to begin to see mushroom pins forming on the surface of the organic growing substrate. Congratulations, you are officially a mushroom farmer! Over the next 5-6 days your mushrooms will mature into an edible fruiting body that You’ll prepare as a part of your next gourmet meal. After you are done with the first harvest You’ll try for another. Simply, remove the grow bag from the box and soak under water for 12-24 hours and repeat the growing process. Overall, these kits are an easy way to begin growing mushrooms indoors. You’ll produce mushrooms that don’t seem to be commonly found in grocery stores. Making the whole experience a net positive for any mushroom lover. What’s Included… – Over 3lbs of Colonized Organic Substrate – Spray Bottle For Misting – Pocket Grow Guide – Humidity Tent

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