North Spore Shiitake Mushroom Outdoor Log Kit Price: $134.90 (as of 07/06/2024 09:56 PST- Details)



EVERYTHING YOU NEED FOR A SUCCESSFUL MUSHROOM GROWING PROJECT: includes all vital supplies- drill bit, sealing wax, wax applicator, 100ct plug spawn (enough for 1-2 logs), and complete detailed step by step instructions.
KEEP YOUR PLUG SPAWN FRESH: Select to receive plug spawn in no time or as a voucher (ideal for gifting or projects inside a 3+ month projected start date).
one hundred% MADE IN UNITED STATES: In-house mushroom spawn production. Made in Maine from the best quality premium cultures by experienced Mycologists.
SHIITAKE MUSHROOMS are delicious and nutritious – the perfect meat replacement for vegetarians. Great for drying out and reconstituting in soups.
SHIITAKE MUSHROOMS have been known to be beneficial for your immune system.