Pink Oyster – Pleurotus Djamor – Home Mushroom Growing Kit (1Kg) Price: $26.95 (as of 30/05/2024 08:52 PST- Details)



Easy to grow kit : Open the kit, Mist & Harvest.
Harvest your first Oyster Mushroom flush in around 15 days. This kit will produce around 150g of gourmet mushrooms each 2 weeks for 4 flushes in row.
This Kit san also be use as dowel / plug spawn for wood culture (Log, Stump etc.) eq.+/-six hundred dowels.
Designed to indoor growing and suitable for outdoor culture as well and companionship culture within the garden, stimulating a permaculture or urban agriculture environment.
Indoor instructions: Cut a + shape within the bag, submerge in cold water for 12 hours, mist generously 2 or 3 times a day, select by clusters and watch it go! Then repeat for more flushes.