Root Mushroom Farm- -All in one Gourmet Mushroom Grow Kits Price: $124.15 (as of 02/01/2024 10:00 PST- Details)



  • ✔ GET STARTED IMMEDIATELY! Open the box and get growing as soon as it arrives. These Mushroom Kits are designed to be started immediately when received! OR You can keep it in refrigerator for a few days if needed.
  • ✔COMES WITH EVERYTHING YOU WILL NEED TO GROW MUSHROOMS RIGHT IN THE BOX. This Mushroom Kit contains one Ready to Fruit shiitake mushroom log, a spray bottle, a humidity tent as well as a detailed instruction booklet. You do not need any extra tools or equipment to get started! Mushrooms start growing right away once you get the kit started.
  • ✔ PERFECT INTRO TO GROWING MUSHROOMS FOR BEGINNERS– This Mushroom Kit offers a wonderful opportunity to learn about growing mushrooms. Comes with a detailed instruction booklet, it is easy to grow mushrooms right from home. Growing mushroom at home is more than just fun – You can also enjoy the taste of the fresh organic mushrooms you grow yourself!