11″ Skinny Girl WR Shiitake Mushroom Log Grow Amazing Edible Mushrooms Kit

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Grow Edible Amazing healthy Gourmet Mushrooms



This is a (1) 11″ Shiitake Log if you want to provide you with Shiitake Mushrooms for a minimum of 2 years! Shiitake mushrooms are delicious in the whole lot from stir-fries and soups to pasta dishes and stews. Logs are hand-cut and inoculated with shiitake mushroom spores in visible drill holes which are covered in shiitake wax. Logs can also be stood upright or laid horizontally for growing. Metal plaque on underside of log states date of inoculation. Just soak the log for 24 hours in cold water, mist it now and again, and watch your crop emerge once the inoculation period is reached! (9-365 days from date on silver tag) The Skinny Girl Shiitake Log remains to be 11″ long, she’s just skinnier than our regular 11″ Shiitake Log 12″ x 2″+

Grow Fit to be eaten Amazing healthy Gourmet Mushrooms