Host Defense Stamets 7 Mushroom Complex | Immune Booster Supplement with 7 Mushroom Blend Supplements with Lions Mane, Chaga, Cordyceps, Reishi, Maitake| Mushroom Supplements 30 Capsules Price: $25.89 (as of 02/01/2024 10:00 PST- Details)



Paul Stamets formulates this amazing blend of seven medicinal mushroom species (Cordyceps, Royal Sun Blazei, Maitake, Reishi,  Lion’s Mane, Mesima and Chaga) to help support general health and immunity. Many people use Stamets 7 as a functional food for maintaining health & peak performance.

Stamets 7 Host Defense  capsules use Certified Organic activated, freeze-dried mycelium, for a full spectrum of constituents: polysaccharides (galactose, arabinoxylane, beta glucans,  glucose,  and cordycepic acid), ergosterols , glycoproteins, triterpenoids and myco nutrients essential for naturally supporting immunity.


  • Overall daily support for your immune system
  • Helps promote digestive, respiratory, cellular, circulatory, lymphatic and systemic function for foundational health and immunity
  • Natural Killer Cells can be increased by more than 300% with Stamets 7
  • Helps balance natural blood-sugars
  • Helps support the body in adaption to mental, physical and environmental stress causing factors

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