Host Defense Chaga Mushroom 60 Capsules Immune Support Supplement with 55% Polysaccharides & 1000mg Chaga Mushroom Supplement Powder per serving Price: $5,299.00 (as of 11/06/2024 10:57 PST- Details)



Used by Eurasians for many centuries and found in the boreal forests, Chaga grows mostly on birch trees. treasured and studied around the world for their health-enhancing and antioxidant health properties, Chaga is a very unique mushroom species, and has become the focus of ongoing recent scientific research. Host Defense Chaga uses Certified Organic mycelium, activated & freeze-dried with a full array of constituents: polysaccharides (arabinoxylane, beta glucans, galactose, mannose & glucose), ergosterols, glycoproteins, mycoflavonoids, triterpenoids,  and myco nutrients essential for Naturally SupportingImmunity

ANTIOXIDANTS: Chaga gives you great antioxidant support against daily free radicals.
EASY DIGESTION: Host Defense Chaga uses mycelium providing digestible nutrients.
USED HISTORICALLY: Chaga has been used for centuries in Asia & Europe for its antioxidant properties.
WHY CHAGA MUSHROOMS?: natural support for healthy compounds from this original super food.
CERTIFIED ORGANIC & SUSTAINABLE: organic mushrooms sustainably cultivated right from our farm.

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