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GENUINE Extra Large CULTURE (1 Large SCOBY and Starter Liquid – Makes aprox. 1 Gallon). GetKombucha SCOBY are 6 inches in diameter and come with a starter liquid included in the package with healthy live yeast strands. These kombucha mushroom cultures are mothers. They are ready to make kombucha mushroom tea for the first time. This kombucha culture starter comes packaged in its own kombucha starter tea so that your kombucha mushroom is full of life when it arrives and is ready to make your first batch of kombucha! 100% Organic / Fair Trade Ingredients for optimum health of the culture and for you! Even if you’ve been making your own kombucha for years, you will be blown away by the flavor of our Kombucha. Each Culture will make 1 gallon of tasty, healthy Kombucha and will keep on producing to give you a lifetime of Kombucha if cared for properly.


  • Our kit comes with the largest culture on the market, starter tea, 2 covers, 2 bands 5 Ph testing strips, 2 filters, recipes and more
  • 55 Support Videos online for your convenience will make sure you are successful!
  • We ship every day!
  • Make your own great tasting kombucha right from your home!