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Top 3 Magic Mushroom Kits Reviewed

Psilocybin is an illegal substance in some countries and we do not condone or encourage the use of any substance where it is against the law of that country.

Growing your own magic mushrooms can be a rewarding experience but can also be overwhelming when looking at the options from the many websites sprouting up on the web over the last few years. There are also many teks provided by forum users which can be difficult to grasp for the new or first time grower. Many first time growers can end up with contamination when trying their first grow and lose the hope and reward of their first successful grow.

Thankfully there are some great grow kits that are available on the web which can give you the head start and knowledge needed to get growing mushrooms easily at home. A mushroom kit can give you the understanding and tools for success in your journey into the fascinating world of mycology. Below is a list of the 3 best Magic Mushroom Grow Kits available. These are tried, tested and true kits which have been on the market long enough to know they give good reliable results.

A look at the different kinds of Magic Mushroom Kits available

While all kits may seem the same and make claims of amounts you will get, there are differences you should take note of:

  • Does the kit come with spawn (mushroom culture mycelium grown on grain) or does it require you to make your own spawn from spores? Making your own spawn can be difficult and if you get the wrong spores to inoculate with you may end up with a bag of mould before you even get to the fun parts (watching your mycelium grow through your substrate and the fruiting part).
  • What type of substrate is used in the kit? Substrates vary from coco coir to straw to manure. Each with it’s own unique properties and advantages.
  • How big is the fruiting chamber and substrate that comes with the kit? Some kits come with very little substrate and tiny grow chambers limiting the potential harvest you may get from your kit.
  • Some kits will make claims of amounts you may harvest from a kit but beware of these claims as much is dependant on the strain, growing conditions and the overall surface area of the kit you purchase.
  • The conditions you provide for the kit is also pertinent for success. Psilocybe Cubensis, which are the mushroom species in most magic mushroom kits, grow naturally in warm humid places so you will need to provide an environment which is close to their natural habitat.

The 3 Best Magic Mushroom Kits Reviews

The Easy Coco Magic Mushroom Kit by is the longest running kit company in Canada. They were the first company in Canada to sell mushroom growing kits which include Magic Mushroom Spawn (magic mushroom culture grown on grain). My favourite is their Easy Coco Kit. This was the first kit on the Canadian market to combine high quality magic mushroom spawn with coco coir substrate to create a very user friendly kit. The process for growing with the Easy Coco Kit is very simple: just add boiling water to your coco coir substrate. Let the mixture cool and then mix in the pre-colonized spawn. Distribute the mixture evenly into the trays and sit back and watch your kit grow.

Best Magic Mushroom Kits Canada
Easy Coco Kit by

The Easy Coco Kit is the largest magic mushroom spawn grow kit available in Canada. The kit comes with 4 grow trays each 9 X 14 inches for a massive total growing area of over 500 inches square. If you are looking for the best value magic mushroom kit available in Canada, then I think you will be happy with this kit. It’s high quality and has a great cost to value ratio. There are a few other mushroom kits available in Canada now that have followed in the footsteps of by producing kits with coco coir and spawn but none come close to what you get with this magic mushroom kit for the money. For this reason this kit has made our 3 best magic mushroom kits list. Not to mention the strain that comes with this kit – Psilocybe Cubensis Golden Mammoth lives up to its name of being a prolific and abundant producer. I would highly recommend this kit to anyone in Canada looking for a good quality easy to use kit with high yields and multiple flushes.

Best Magic Mushroom Kits Canada
Easy Coco Kit fruiting

Magic-Mushrooms-Shop Magic Mushroom Grow Kits

This mushroom kit company has made our list of the best magic mushroom kits on the market as they are one of the longest serving kit companies out there. Located in the Netherlands they have an excellent reputation for high quality easy to use kits and a great selection of strains. Their B+ Kit is a highly rated strain. Their kits are some of the easiest to use as they come pre-colonized and ready to grow. These kits will have you growing in no time and come included with grow bag with micron filter and accessories. Just open the tray, soak for 12 hours and place in the grow bag and watch your mushrooms grow.

The Best Magic Mushroom Grow Kits
psychedelic magic mushrooms grow Psilocybe Cubensis

These kits can grow multiple flushes and are contaminant resistant with high yields of Psilocybe Cubensis mushrooms. If you provide the proper conditions for this kit you will have success. There is very little that can go wrong if you follow the instructions. You really can’t go wrong with this kit.

Zamnesia Magic Mushroom Grow Kits

This is another great supplier of Magic Mushroom Kits with a huge selection of strains. It is very similar to the previous kits in the style and technique used. This kit is made with 100% colonized rye. No bulking agents are used. This kit is on our list of the 3 best magic mushroom kits as it is ready to use and can produce as many as 7 flushes of fresh psilocybe cubensis magic mushrooms with an minimum of 4 flushes. Flushes do usually get smaller the more you do which is normal for most mushroom grows.

Best Magic Mushroom Growing Kit
Magic Mushroom Grow Kit

Zamnesia has everything you need to produce a good crop of psychedelic magic mushrooms. They have many strains to choose from and even have a top 10 best sellers strains to help you choose a good strain.

If you are looking for a good experience with growing magic mushrooms stay away from buying spore syringes and start with a high quality spawn kit from one of the companies on our list of the best magic mushroom kits. You will do well to purchase from a well established reputable magic mushroom kit company.