6Pcs Regular Mouth Mushroom Liquid Culture Lid Grain Spawn Cultivation Mason Jar Lid with 0.2 Micron PTFE Syringe Filter…

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Material: Tin plate

Diam. of lid:70mm

Fits all Regular Mouth jars

0.2 Micron PTFE Syringe Filter & 20mm Self Healing Injection Ports

Lid comes with self healing injection port for injecting mushroom culture and a PTFE syringe filter to avoid contamination .

These lids can be used in a microwave, pressure cooker or autoclave.

Pro grade autoclavable regular mouth jar lids are lab-quality, and made especially for liquid culturing .

Leave lids a quarter turn loose while in pressure cooker to allow for air to escape, otherwise injection ports will pop out.

Second gen. 6Pcs Regular Mouth (Dia:70mm) Mason Jar Mushroom Cultivation Lids
Lids fit Regular mouth BALL mason quart jars.
Metal lid comes with a rubber self healing injection port, and a pro quality .22 micron filter
Autoclavable and reusable. Used for Mushroom Liquid /Spawn Cultivation